Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goodbye, Hello Weight Watchers!

Well it's official! I suspended my membership to The site suggests you give it six months. I gave it two days and was able to get back a full refund. There is a part of me that really wanted to give it the old college try. But there was a bigger part of me that said, "Take your $100 and put it towards Weight Watchers Online". Summer is just around the corner and the thought of me in a swimsuit right now is reminiscent of stuffing a two pound salami into a one pound bag.  So perhaps if I lose several pounds like Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson, I too will find love and win an Oscar. "Now ya lyin'! Ya lyin'! I never been so thin!" "Effie--we all got pain!" But I digress.

The main reason I left was because I felt the system was matching me with men that I just wasn't attracted to, who didn't live near me, and was at the far end of my age range limit. And, because I've been working so much, I just think the timing is not good right now. So rather than sit shiva for the loves that could have been, I am going to go "Lookin' For Love In All The RIGHT Places!" As soon as I figure out where those places are. 


I just officially signed up for Weight Watchers online and feel like I just enrolled in a college course. Holy crap, they've come a long way! So many e-tools and support. So we'll see. Gonna start counting points today using my new Weight Watchers App. Last night I went to Vitello's (famous for the Robert Blake incident) and ordered take-out so I could have one last, emotional eating splurge before I start my Points Plus program. Delicious! For me much of this process is about portion control. Weight Watchers recommends that you measure foods by parts of your hand. For example: a fist is about a cup, the fleshy area below your thumb is about an ounce of meat, etc. My problem is that I measure food in "jazz hands". So I need to relax my fingers when I measure.

And I promise to give Weight Watchers a much longer try than More to come.

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