Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to Jeff's Junk Drawer!

When I was a kid growing up in Chicago, my sister and I used to love to go to my grandparent's house on my mother's side. Our grandparents on our father's side would make us sit quietly on the plastic covered furniture, feed us dry cookies and make us walk on plastic runners. Blech!  But the other grandparents, whom we called Gemsie (pronounced GEEM-ZEE) and Papa Izzie would let us be kids and explore their creaky apartment and get lost in their closets.

One of the highlights of the visits for us was getting to play in Gemsie's junk drawer. We never knew what we would find in there and where our imaginations would take us. A lint roller became a microphone. A plastic coin purse would become a secret treasure. And we would occasionally find a small plastic photo-viewer that we would hold up to our eye and see a picture of Gemsie frolicking in the surf of Hawaii circa 1950.

Anyway...welcome to MY junk drawer. I'm not quite sure what you'll find in here or how useful it will be. But I assure you it will at least be interesting and good for a laugh or two.


I was at a gathering the other evening and became acutely aware of just how single I was/am. In an evening prior to said soiree, when Pia was voted off "American Idol", I found myself screaming at the TV and mourning the loss of our beloved songstress with my beloved dog Trooper. Trooper couldn't give two shits about Pia and just wanted a cookie. But in that moment of shock, as Jennifer Lopez buried her face in her hands--"Why God? Why?"--I realized that once again I was on my couch watching TV... alone. (Trooper had left the room at this point.) So when I found myself being the only single man at the party a few nights later, I decided it was time to take action...again.

Several years ago, I joined more advanced version of and the gay friendly version of eHarmony. My circumstances and priorities were different back then since I was battling my addictions to drugs and alcohol. So being in a relationship was just not in the cards. But now that I am a little older, wiser, and 6 years and 4 months sober, I think it might be time to put a toe or two into the dating pool. 

So as of today...I re-joined to see what I can reel in. And since my dating and sex-life provides lots of comic material, I've decided I would share some of the highlights and progress with you, my dear reader. 

My dating history is dubious to say the least. As a life coach, I have guided many a client through relationship challenges to much success. But when it comes time to practicing what I preach, hilarity often ensues and the laugh track starts playing. So I am going to jump into this experiment with an open mind and closed legs. I am going to do my very best not to divulge too much information immediately after saying "hello" and will listen more than I talk.

So let the games begin. Gentlemen, start your engines. I'll keep you posted.

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