Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Are My Matches in Bakersfield?


So it's only been 12 hours since I joined Chemistry.com and I've already rejected 15 matches. Most of the men that I've been matched with live close to 50 miles away from me are at the upper, upper end of my age range (25-55). Not that age is really such a big issue with me, but I'd like a little variety to choose from. So I went in and tweaked my criteria saying that I want a 25 to 26 year old that lives across the street that waters his lawn shirtless. What? Too specific?

Anyhoo...I'm starting to remember one of the reasons why I quit the online dating thing--it's overwhelming. "This guy is interested. Send him a smile." "This guy likes you and wants to have your baby. Send him an egg." And what is with these people that won't post a picture because they're scared? One guy wouldn't post a pic because he was afraid of "stalkers". First of all...get over yourself. And secondly...would you order something from a catalog and not see what it looks like? It's like when I used to work for Tupperware and I would sometimes order a "surprise pack". SURPRISE! Here's a bag full of discontinued shit that you'll never use! Look--I want to see what is going to be sitting across from me on our date. Period. So take a damn picture!

And here's another thing. When I click "not interested" on a potential match, why do I suddenly receive an email from Chemistry.com saying "but so and so is really interested"! Listen...if I wanted guilt, I'd be living at home with my parents. I know so and so is interested, but I'm not.

Of course it works the other way around too. I could be the poor so and so who is not 25 that's getting rejected. Ugh. Do convents accept Jewish men?

On a brighter note...I did see someone who seemed interesting. Chemistry.com lets you send people you like a little fun exercise to flirt online. I sent him a "Four List"--where I have to write down four things (in this case my favorite childhood TV shows) and see how he responds. If Carol Burnett or Sonny and Cher is on his list, there may be a wedding next week. And the beat goes on.

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