Friday, June 3, 2011


WOW! What an amazing day yesterday!!!

George and I walked his friend's dog Cashew through Central Park. Normally I'm not a great fan of Chihuahuas but she is pretty cute. The weather yesterday was glorious. They have been having a bad heat wave here, but yesterday it was mild and pretty amazing.
Then George went off to work and I went to the theatre.
To call this a play would be an understatement. This was one of the most exquisite theatrical events I have ever witnessed in my life! Period!!! Rarely have I seen such an epic, elegantly directed and beautiful show that moved me to tears in the first five minutes. The show depicts the story of a boy who's horse Joey is sold to the army to fight in World War 1, and his journey to get him back. The horse puppets used in the show are positively breathtaking and I often swore that I was looking at real horses. They breathe, trot and behave exactly like real horses. I thought they might even poop, but they didn't. Great acting, impeccable direction, a set that does incredible tricks and a great story. SEE THIS SHOW IF YOU COME TO NYC!!!
Following the show, I met some dear friends at the new swanky hotel, INK 48. The Press Lounge is the rooftop bar that overlooks a gorgeous view in New York. Joining me were my Illinois Wesleyan classmates - George, Frank, Carl and Penny. And our Aladdin Broadway Baby - Lance Roberts - who is in "Sister Act". The space was incredible and I had a blast.

Then it was off for a late night snack at the Galaxy Diner, where I started my day. It's been years since I've been up this late and my body was still catching up to New York time. Then off to bed.

Today on my agenda--
1. Having lunch with my old roomie Janet.
2. Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the "Alexander McQueen" exhibit.
3. Seeing "Sister Act" and going backstage to visit Lance.

And...I talked to Rachel my pet-sitter. Trooper and Chester are doing GREAT! Life is good!

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