Monday, June 6, 2011


Had brunch this morning at Elsewhere on 43rd street with my college friends.
Then it was off to more flea markets on 23rd Street where we encountered more hideous fur.
Then it was off to the High Line Park for a stroll.
Then to Chelsea Market for some crepes with Nutella and banana.
Then off to see "The Normal Heart"


I first saw The Normal Heart in 1985 at the Public Theatre and felt shell-shocked after it was over. When I left the theatre it was like going back out into the war-zone. This powerful Broadway revival packed a huge punch and has interestingly become a period piece. It perfectly captured the period of uncertainty when AIDS first hit 30 years ago and made me appreciate how far we have come. And yet it still had the urgency of a call-to-arms for a new generation set in complacency. The performances and direction were incredible and I'm so grateful I saw what was a tremendously powerful event.

What sucked though was the "Talk Back" after the show when two Broadway actors-Gavin Creel and Rory O'Malley - neither of which are in the show-promoted their own Broadway activism agenda instead of focusing in on the show we had just witnessed. I couldn't give a shit about them telling us to "get involved". With WHAT?!! I raised my hand to refocus the conversation back to the play, but before I could speak, the talk-back wrapped up. AHHHHH! I was so pissed that these people completely missed the point. I almost felt like the character of Ned Weeks in the play and wanted to scream "What the hell is the matter with you people?"

Anyway...I calmed down after I enjoyed some delicious sushi afterwards.

Two more days in New York!

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